Dylan and Bon Iver

The past week or two I've been on a serious Bob Dylan and Bon Iver binge.  This was welcomed by my fiancée as before these weeks, I was surviving on a daily and quite loud ration of experimental jazz--blasting the likes of Scofield and Medeski.

I have been a fan of Bob Dylan since my early high school years.  I remember downloading his songs on LimeWire, or KaZaa, or whatever the go-to pirating platform was in the early/mid-2000's, burning his songs onto CD-Rs, and listening to them in my walkman on my walk home from school.  I got very familiar with his songwriting style and he's been constantly in my playlist rotation ever since.

Bon Iver--on the other hand--was a more recent obsession.  I had always appreciated 'Skinny Love', it being his most famous song.  The song is very acoustic and folky in fashion, so I had always written off Bon Iver as just a folk act.  The past few weeks have proved me wrong--VERY WRONG.  I finally sat down and listened to the entire Bon Iver studio catalog.  It wasn't hard--there are only three albums.  But what I found was a creative genius that blended the homey feel of acoustic instruments and folk-style songwriting with the musical capabilities of modern technology.

Now I have in my head--stuck on repeat--the classic legend of Bob Dylan and the modern genius of Bon Iver.  The two are mixing nonstop and I can't wait to see what comes of it.

Here's a preview of a song inspired by the two.  Hope you like it!

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