Collaborating In the Studio

This week, I had my friend Dennis Mulherin come down to the studio for some creative collaboration.  We recorded an album of his stories and he helped me shoot a video of me performing "Daydreaming" by Middle Brother (video below).

I usually like to write a full blog post along with each video I release, but Dennis, being a writer, wrote a wonderful description of our night tonight ... sitting in the studio...

working ...


Here it is:

A coffee cup, half filled with just under a teaspoon of sugar.  A brown wallet folded twice and pressed shut by its own weight. A book of poetry, three books really, one read and enjoyed by me. Headphones with the tightly wound cord of an old telephone. Three candles of different sizes, shapes, colors and ornateness that I cannot smell. Max and I sit listening to the motor of an overhead fan that has glass tulip light bulb covers of which one bulb of the lit is burnt. It passes by and by--pressing the hot hair of this Virginia night upon us. He clicks the mouse to mix a track, a song he completes while I click the keys of this keyboard as I write this. 

"People for peace" is painted on the sleeve of John Lennon in this greenish blue poster with a large white peace sign above the man's head. People for peace in large letters above that. I suppose I’m for peace. I mean why wouldn’t I be? It sounds so easy when you use a word to describe it. Peace, anyone? Would anyone like some peace? I’ve got peace here, calls the vendor at the ball game. Peace be seated, says the judge to the defendant in Suffolk county court. Peace be with you, says the priest on Sunday. I’ll take some peace, please. Yes, I’d like that with some mustard. Peace and some mustard. 

I can’t help myself. I need to look around. I need to see how other people fill the spaces that they encompass. Does it make them feel any different than how I feel inhabiting the very same to very similar space? My guess would be yes, but I suppose we’ll never know. He’s making louder noises now and suddenly the intruding sounds of his recent song burst towards me like this consciousness I was never ready for. The more noise that’s made, the closer I think I am to using my voice to make a connection with him. Speech…that’s what it's called. He asked if I was writing before and I wasn’t. I suppose that’s why I’m writing now. Its funny how things happen, isn’t it?

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  • Rita
    Rita UK
    I think this is a great song .... Loved it

    I think this is a great song ....

    Loved it

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